my summer bucket list

he is perfection and a sex god! gahhh omg i can’t even
  • society: Everyone's beautiful.
  • society: Don't eat though, you don't want to get fat.
  • society: You don't eat? Anorexic freak!
  • society: You're a size 4? You're supposed to be a size 0!
  • society: You're an A cup? What are you, 8?
  • society: You're a C cup? That's my mums size.
  • society: You had sex?! Slut!
  • society: You haven't had sex? Hah, you're frigid!
  • society: You don't think you're pretty? Attention seeker!
  • society: You think you're pretty? Conceited much?
  • society: You believe in gay rights? Homo!
  • society: You don't believe in gay rights? Homophobic dickhead!
  • society: You're depressed? Attention seeker!
  • society: You cut yourself? Still attention seeking!
  • society: You can't go on? How much attention do you want?!
  • -someone kills themself-
  • society: Oh, they were so beautiful! Society sucks!

“I Took her iPhone. Changed the contact name. Placed it back next to her. I called. She Answered.”
Why can’t cute things like this happen to me?! :’( 

aww this is sooo cute!